New Collective Agreement Signed

The Tentative Agreement that the Membership of CUPE Local 5047 ratified to accept by 96% on February 10 and 11, 2018, and the Halifax Regional School Board ratified on February 28, 2018, has been signed both by CUPE Local 5047 and the HRSB yesterday, March 26, 2018. The new Collective Agreement comes into effect starting today. The HRSB is in the process of uploading the new CA to Document Depot, and you can also see the Agreement on our Local’s Webpage. The HRSB is currently informing different departments of the changes to the contract in order to promote a smooth transition going forward.

As expected, the process to get this new Collective Agreement into effect took some time, as both parties respectfully had to go over all wording and notes to reflect exactly what was signed off on during both negotiations and conciliation.
Retroactivity was part of our negotiated new contract, and all should note a few details about the eventual payout of these wages:
-Retroactivity will be effective back to August 1, 2016.
-Applicable retroactive salary adjustments for current Employees are being processed now. This is a time-consuming process, as there are compounding increase equations to be inputted by the HRSB.
-More information will be shared with CUPE re: expected timelines when it is available from the HRSB. We, CUPE, will be sharing the expected date ASAP we are informed. *As well, we will broadcast the expected date our current rate of pay will increase.
-No current CUPE employee is required to contact HRSB to process a payment.
-As per Article 30.01 (d) of the Collective Agreement:
a) Former employees as noted in 30.01 (d) (i) have 30 days from March 26, 2018 to contact HRSB in writing to receive any retroactive wage increases. This contact can be made via e-mail to the
b) Retirees as noted in 30.01 (d) (ii) will automatically receive any retroactive wage increases. They are not required to contact HRSB to process a payment.
-Though asked, the Retroactivity will not be paid out on a separate pay deposit. The current SAP Payroll system the Dept. of Education uses for all School Boards does not allow for additional pay periods or deposits.

Round 3 Postings

The third round of job postings will close tomorrow, July 5, 2017 at 4:00 pm.  Please review the staffing timelines below to make certain that you have completed all the necessary information including filling in the EPA Specific Questionnaire (if applying for an EPA position).

The successful applicants from Round 3 will be posted on myHRSB on July 12, 2017  at 4:00 pm.


CUPE Staffing Timelines 2017-2018

General Membership Meeting – June 13, 2017

Local 5047


DATE: TUESDAY, June 13, 2017

TIME:  6:30 PM – 8:15 PM

LOCATION:  Sackville Public Library, 636 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville, NS



1.         Roll Call of Officers

2.         Reading of the Equality Statement / New Members and Initiation

3.         Reading and Approval of Minutes from last meeting/Matters Arising

4.         Treasurer’s Report

5.         Communications/Executive Board Report

6.                  Committee Reports

7.         Old Business/New Business- Convention Reports, Staffing Update

8.         Good of the Union/Adjournment

Upcoming General Membership Meeting – February 21, 2107

At our Upcoming General Membership Meeting on February 21, 2107, there will be nominations and Elections for attendees to the “Building Stronger Locals National Conference” held in Halifax and attendees to “CUPE Nova Scotia Convention” held in May. As well, the membership will be voting on accepting an Educational Guideline.

For all members in attendance, there will be Draws for Gift Cards, minimally 4 $25 gift cards to Businesses, and 20 $5 gift cards for Tim Hortens (Provided by Higgins Insurance).

Hope to see you there!