CUPE Local 5047 Update – November 28, 2021

Good Morning All,

As we near the date (November 30, 2021) for providing the employer with proof of vaccination as requested by the HRCE due to a mandate implemented by the Provincial Government of Nova Scotia announced on September 29, 2021, we feel it timely to send out a reminder to all members and an updated FAQ that CUPE has created to help understand direction and concerns surrounding the mandate. You can find the FAQ here:

The employer started gathering vaccination information from employees on October 25, 2021. To date, the province is reporting that more than 90% of those who work in the Education sector have provided said information.

For those employees that are fully or partially vaccinated, but have yet to provide that information to the employer, they will need to do so to avoid confusion prior to Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

For those employees that have chosen to not share this information with the employer, the HRCE will be contacting them with information surrounding how to do so, whether that be be in person or through email.

For those employees that will not be providing vaccination information prior to November 30, 2021, the understanding is that they will be placed on an unpaid leave starting December 1, 2021. They are to return to their supervisor their keys, ID badges and any other HRCE equipment prior to end of day Nov. 30, 2021.

Statements have been made and questions have been asked around how this will impact an employee’s benefits and pension have been made. For clarity purposes, any employee who is on an unpaid leave of any sort must make arrangements with the HRCE to pay for their healthcare benefits if they are wishing to continue their coverage. The impact of an unpaid leave on an employee’s pension is that there will be no contributions from the employer to the employee’s plan while the employee is on an unpaid leave, and it is up to the employee to decide to continue contributions.

We recognize that some employees within our sector and across this province continue to struggle with the vaccine mandate since it’s announcement. We ask that all proceed with kindness, regardless of personal opinions or choice. If any member has concerns regarding exemptions, they are to contact the employer using email and this address:

Please remember the Employee and Family Assistance Program is available to all HRCE employees and their family members. It can be accessed at: workhealthlife or by calling 1.844.880.9137.

More updates will come as we have more to share.

In Solidarity,

Chris Melanson
CUPE Local 5047